About this site

This website is inspired by my passion for technology. It is a home for my opinions, thoughts, rants and experiences. The aim of this site is to gather and share useful information, tutorials, resources, tips, guidelines amongst other topics. I anticipate anyone exploring will find useful and interesting content here.

About me

Chuma Umenze
[email protected]

Chuma Umenze is a multidisciplinary developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I currently work remotely as a software engineer with the amazing and talented people at Esusu.

I am self-taught. I became very passionate about computers and software in my sophomore year and was interested in learning how it worked. So, I shifted my focus from my current major (political science) to explore this new passion. The decision was not difficult but critical. On finishing a computer networking course (CCNA), I curated a list of online courses to teach myself computer science and programming.

My career in the industry kicked off in 2015. With the knowledge I had acquired, I began developing web apps and software for businesses and organizations in my locale. With assistance from friends, I founded CodeBloks to help startup founders and businesses achieve their software development goals. Other experiences in the industry cut across working with small to large companies on a full-time/contract basis. I have worked with TechAdvance and her subsidiary – GPay, BriteCore, Wizeline, etc.

Outside professional engagements, I am a member of Python Software Foundation & Python Nigeria. I volunteer for the Nigerian Red Cross.

In my spare time, I love to play tennis, video games and shoot some photos. I also enjoy reading and movies – history/non-fiction are my favourites.

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