Setup Automatic Deployment with Git Post-Receive Hook
November 4, 2021

  • Setup Automatic Deployment with Git with a VPS.txt
#server side:

#server live directory: /var/www/
#server repository: /var/repo/site.git

1. clone project from git/bitbucket into /var/www/ or init the folder by "git init".
2. go to /var/repo/site.git and init the folder as git bare
   $git init --bare
   --bare means that our folder will have no source files, just the version control.
3. still in site.git folder go to hooks. 
    $cd hooks
    $cat > post-receive # When you execute this command, you will have a blank line indicating that everything you type will be saved to this file
      git --work-tree=/var/www/ --git-dir=/var/repo/site.git checkout -f
4. $chmod +x post-receive
#Local workspace:

1. go to your "git" project folder.
2. $git remote add live ssh://[email protected]/var/repo/site.git
3. after any changes. remrember "push" to both live and master
   $git push
   $git push live


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