# Programming

Setting up Development Environment

So you’re may have finished your training as a developer or about to begin, what then? It’s setting up your development environment. This process has mostly been overlook and often leads to frustration while coding. A [Integrated] development environment are software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development.

Hello World!

If you’re a fan of programming, you’d be familiar with the above syntax. The “Hello World!” program is usually the first program one write while learning a programming language. In python, it is usually the first step. It was my first. Hi! I’m Chuma Umenze, a code lover, Android geek, PC and Linux enthusiast.

Difference between Python 2 and Python 3

Many wonder the difference between Py3 and Py2. Some beginners are not sure which version of Python to learn. While most organizations still enjoys using Python 2.x, it is important to note that while Python 2 is still commonly Python 3.x comes with its perks too. I recommend that you learn Python 3.x and then...

From Zero to Front-end Hero (HTML/CSS)

This guide will help you navigate learning front-end development. It provides learning resources that I found effective in the past, along with supplementary explanations.

CS50: Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science

CS50 is Harvard University's computer science course offered through edX. In this post, I write about my decision to take the course and why it is the right step for non-CS individuals.